AZTEC 012-52 - Liquidator 520, 36-Gallon Solution Aplicator
Solution Aplicator

AZTEC 012-52 - Liquidator 520, 36-Gallon Solution Aplicator

Your Price: $1,575.00

Now you can apply up to 50,000 square feet of solution in less than one hour. The Liquidator has a 36 gallon solution capacity, along with an adjustable applicator brush to accomodate obstacles and narrow aisles. You’ll quickly realize the benefit of using the Liquidator as part of your floor maintenance solution.


  • The Liquidator is a key component of the Sidewinder WorkSmartTM stripping system. Only the Liquidator can lay
  • down strip solution fast enough to stay ahead of the Sidewinder stripper. Don’t work hard, work fast and smart
  • with the Aztec WorkSmartTM stripping system.
  • Rugged solid steel frame
  • Nylon ball bearings throughout entire driver system
  • User-friendly, quiet with smooth operating features
  • Easy access for cleaning through 8” lid opening
  • Corrosion proof polyethylene tank

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