AZTEC 015-62 - Guzzler 620 Solution Retriever
Solution Retriever

AZTEC 015-62 - Guzzler 620 Solution Retriever

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Now you can retrieve that spent solution at a rate faster than an automatic. In fact, the Guzzler retrieves solution at a rate up to 25,000 Square feet per hour. With a 36 gallon solution retrieval capacity, and a 30″ squeegee path that doesn’t create additional foaming. You can quickly realize the benefit of using the Guzzler as part of your floor maintenance solution.


  • The Guzzler is the ultimate in high-speed recovery of scrubbing and stripping solutions. The Guzzler’s 30” squeegee path
  • retrieves solution at a rate of up to 30,000 sqft/hour. That’s TWICE the speed of the other conventional recovery methods,
  • and will not create additional foaming.
  • Rugged solid steel frame
  • Self-priming diaphragm pump
  • Nylon ball bearings throughout entire driver system
  • User-friendly, quiet with smooth operating features
  • Twice as fast as automatics or wet-vac recovery systems
  • Corrosion proof polyethylene tank
  • Easy access for cleaning through 8” lid opening

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