Aci-Det Descaler Cleaner & Deoxidizer (HM)
Cleaner & Deoxidizer

Aci-Det Descaler Cleaner & Deoxidizer (HM)

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4 - 128 fl. oz Gallon Bottles
USES: Descaler, Cleaner & Deoxidizer DIL RATIO: Test with a solution of 1 part chemical to 4 parts of water for deleterious action on the surface or item to be cleaned. If the 1 to 4 part solution is not strong enough, increase strength until satisfactory results are achieved without deleterious action. FEATURES/BENEFITS: Descales cooling coils, steam cleaners, air conditioning towers, heat exchange equipment, water lines. Clean and descale radiators and drinking fountains. Removes stains and deep cleans brick, terrazzo, concrete and stone, walls, and floors. PACKAGED: 4X1 Gallons HAZ MAT INFO: Shipping Restrictions OTHER INFO: Contains Hydrochloric Acid. After use, neutralize with a solution of alkali type cleaner.