Air-Care Cobra 5 Air Duct Cleaning Machine 120V/220V
Cobra 5 Duct Cleaning Machine

Air-Care Cobra 5 Air Duct Cleaning Machine 120V/220V

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The new Cobra 5 Power Brush system from Air-Care is an advanced version of the workhorse that has been aggressively cleaning air ducts for 4 decades.

  • Continuously Variable Speed Control
  • 35 Ft Long Cable/Brush
  • Forward/Reverse
  • Wired Remote

The Cobra 5 has a wired, handheld remote. It has Forward, Stop, and Reverse functions at the operators finger tips. Of course there are manual backup controls on the main motor box also. A guide to speed selection for most jobs is contained on the inside of the motor box.

The control panel has a variable speed motor dial that allows you to go from 0-1750 RPM.

The motor has plenty of torque to run the standard 3/8" steel cored cable  for most ducts, but also has a "Low Torque" setting  for use with the Dryer Duct Cable and 4" diameter brush or the Nest Claw.

The cable mount is the same as all previous Cobra Cables, so you have backward compatibility as well as forward compatibility with other models of Air-Care Cobras

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