Air-Care SACH0005 - Solid Smoke Odor Kill – 16 oz.
Solid Smoke Odor Kill

Air-Care SACH0005 - Solid Smoke Odor Kill – 16 oz.

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Captures and neutralizes odors associated with smoke, fire and water damage Solid Smoke Odor Kill is similar to our other solid odor kill product, but with a little more oomph! If you need to eliminate strong odors due to fire and water damage, Solid Smoke Odor Kill is the product for you.

We’ve conveniently packaged this into 16 oz tubs for smaller residential applications.

DIRECTIONS: To activate, remove lid and place in airflow of any air system. The return and filter area are effective locations. For extreme odors, remove the solid odor absorber material from the container and place it on the inverted lid.

COVERAGE: 1 lb. per 2 tons cooling capacity. For smoke or extreme odors, use four times normal ratio. Varies with the extent of the problems.

CAUTION: Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Do not expose this product or its plastic container to open fire or flame or surfaces over 140º F.

STORAGE: Can be stored indefinitely in original sealed container. Note: Storing this product above 125º F may cause it to liquefy. This will not affect product performance and it will re-solidify when cooled.

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