Air-Care SACH0010 - Non-Toxic Soot Set
Soot Set

Air-Care SACH0010 - Non-Toxic Soot Set

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1 - 128 fl oz. Gallon

Soot set is a non-toxic and non-flammable formulation developed as an air duct adhesive based on the shrink properties of a unique water-soluble polymer. A new type of fire inhibiting agent, containing aluminum, has been coupled to the polymer molecule to provide the safest to use material possible.

The product is dispersed by fine fog aerosol into air ducts after source removal. The dried, residual lining in all of the ducts resists blow out of material impossible to remove during the source removal step. Soot Set can be diluted at 1 part Soot Set to 9 parts water for heavy soiling, or 1:19 with water for light soiling making it very cost effective.

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