Air-Care SACH0024 - Roxy Odor Neutralizer, 5/PK
Roxy Odor Neutralizer

Air-Care SACH0024 - Roxy Odor Neutralizer, 5/PK

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Introducing Roxy Odor Neutralizer, nature’s best kept secret and the latest addition to our line of products designed to add to your bottom line. This product is nature’s very own odor killing machine.

Roxy Odor Neutralizer is a natural alumino-silicate earth mineral that absorbs odors. It can be used to freshen the air in refrigerators, closets, locker rooms, bathrooms, basements, shoes, homes, cars, RVs, boats and more.

Repeated Use for Years

The best part is that this product is renewable – so you can use it again and again. Every month or so, simply place the product in the sun for a day, and it recharges itself by releasing the absorbed odors and moisture back into the air.

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