Air-Care SACH0055 - ZAP! Electrostatic Air Filter Cleaner
ZAP! Electrostatic

Air-Care SACH0055 - ZAP! Electrostatic Air Filter Cleaner

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1 - 32 fl. oz Spray Bottle

ZAP! is the perfect product to keep Electrostatic Air Filters clean, efficient and effective. An Electrostatic Filter is most effective when clean and free of films that can be left by soap, cooking, tobacco smoke or household spray products. Conveniently packaged in a (1) Gallon bottle along with a (1) 16 oz. Spray bottle. This product comes ready to use. As with any cleaning product, follow the label instructions carefully before use.


  • The only recommended cleaner for your Air-Care electrostatic filter.
  • Includes a free spray bottle to make product application easy
  • 1 Gallon + 32 oz spray bottle
  • Product comes ready to use out of the box.

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