Air-Care TurboJet SuperMAX Negative Air Machine
TurboJet Negative Air Machine

Air-Care TurboJet SuperMAX Negative Air Machine

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The TurboJet SuperMax negative air machine is a compact workhorse for commercial duct cleaning, but it's also portable enough for residential jobs. It’s hard to believe a 22.5” wide cabinet can provide 3500 CFM and over 6” static pressure, a full-size 12” inlet, 3-stage HEPA filtration, soft start and will run at 13 or 18 amps on a single circuit at 1.5 horsepoer or two separate circuits at 3 horsepower. It comes with a 3 year warranty. It only weighs 26 pounds more than our 1.5 HP TurboJets, but has TWICE the Horsepower.

This is performance that is found in units twice its size and weight. The legendary performance and size of this type of machine has been proven aboard ships and off-shore drilling rigs, as well as mobile homes and 6,000 room hotels, and yet it is perfect for a one-person operation out of a van, trailer or box truck. The TurboJet SuperMax  has a state of the art ESP speed control not found on any other TurboJets, until now.

The power inverter converts power from 1 or 2, independent, 115-volt single-phase household power to 3-phase 220-volt power. This eliminates the start-up power surge required by a single speed motor.


  • Truly portable at 151 lbs and only 22.5"W x 31.5"D x 55.5"H.
  • One-person operation, in and out of service vehicle and up and down stairs.
  • 4 speed soft start 3.0 HP motor w/ 3 phase inverter and direct drive backward incline blower assembly.
  • Filtration includes 1st stage 18" x 24" x 2" disposable pleated filter, 2nd stage 18" x 24" flexible permanent electrostatic air filter and 3rd stage 18" x 24" x 6" certified HEPA filter, providing efficient filtration with maximum air flow even when dirty.
  • 12 inch diameter inlet pulls over 5 inches of w.c. static pressure, and 3,500 CFM air flow (independently tested by an AMCA certified lab with all filters installed).
  • 12" rear, non-marking dolly wheels, 4" swivel non-marking casters up front.
  • Rugged steel reinforced, rotationally molded, 2-piece poly cabinet with stairwell friendly design.
  • Completely field tested by Air-Care, in our service division.
  • Purchase includes 3-year limited warranty.

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