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Why should you give your Air Ducts a Thorough Cleaning?

Break out the Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

If your air ducts look filthy from the outside it means that there is probably a world of filth in the inside. Dust particles are a precursor to allergies especially if you have children in the house. You might not know why Junior still has the sniffles when flu season has passed. Have a peek at your air ducts and you will see why.

A dusty air duct might also play havoc on your HVAC system thereby causing it to run at half the efficiency than what you originally pay for.

What is Duct Cleaning

As the name implies duct cleaning refers to the cleaning of various cooling and heating components that incorporate forced air systems. This can include grilles and diffusers, heating or cooling coils, fan motors and the condensate drain pans to name a few.

A professional cleaning service would use special air duct cleaning equipment to clean extensive, not to mention expensive, HVAC systems. It is easy to see why. An entire heating or cooling system can be out of commission if a single component is contaminated and does not work as it should as a result.

Bills and more Bills

The US Department of Energy claims that over 25% to 40% of the energy that people use for heating is wasted away. It is not surprising why when contaminates in a cooling or heating system will cause it to work harder than it actually needs to. This can also shorten the life of an HVAC system no matter the type of filters that are installed in it. Dust can accumulate over time.

A clean HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain a stable cool or warm temperature throughout a home.

Signs to Watch out for

If you see any of these signs, chances are that your air duct needs cleaning –

·         Visible mold on the interior of the air duct

·         Dead insects or rodent droppings inside the ducts

·         Clogs of dust, debris or cobwebs in the ducts

Of course this does not mean that you should grab a feather duster and try to clean your air ducts. Specialized cleaning equipment exists for a reason and one of them is to ensure that you don’t worsen an air duct’s condition. Air duct cleaning equipment comes in handy in cases such as these. This is also why professional cleaners use nothing but the best air duct cleaning equipment to service their clients. For one, they know that specialized equipment can get the job done faster and secondly they know that they will do a good job with it. Equipment that is designed to clean air ducts is especially useful in cleaning HVAC systems that haven’t been cleaned in a while. It can get in nooks and crannies that the average person can’t reach. Do your family a favor and go for the safer option.

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