BOSS SC440 Rug Boss Self-Contained 7-Gallon Carpet Extractor
Rug Boss Carpet Extractor

BOSS SC440 Rug Boss Self-Contained 7-Gallon Carpet Extractor

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We have completely redesigned to improve quality and performance, the SC440 offers the same sleek styling and ease-of-use that made it's predecessor, model SC400 a market leader for over twenty years. All the electrical components have been upgraded, the number of fasteners used to assemble the extractor are reduced in half, and a patented method for sealing the brush housing and vacuum shoe against the floor provides solution recovery unmatched by any other single vacuum motor extractor. Use the quick-connect port on the side of the SC440 to attach a floor wand, upholstery or hand tool, and you also have all the benefits of a portable tank extractor included with this smart and efficient design! Made in the U.S.A.


  • 120 psi demand style pump for even, deep down spray cleaning
  • Three-stage vacuum motor, horizontally mounted for better cooling and longer life
  • 3 quick disconnect plastic jets for easy cleaning and replacement
  • High-tech bearings on brush roll resist rust and provides longer life
  • 50 foot power cord