BOSS Tundra T17, 17" Dual Speed Floor Machine
T17 Heavy Duty Floor Machine

BOSS Tundra T17, 17" Dual Speed Floor Machine

Your Price: $1,380.00
Two-speed versatility and heavy duty performance are the hallmarks of Tusk’s T17 Dual floor machine. Developed by Tundra® Equipment Company, the T17 Dual provides the versatility to tackle any floor surface - through the economy of a single machine.

Switch from 180 to 320 rpm with the flip of a switch —and go from basic operations like wet scrubbing, stripping and dry buffing to more severe applications like spray buffing, carpet bonneting and diamond pad polishing.

The T17 Dual machine features a 1.5 HP, 66 frame DC rectified motor, and triple planet gearbox that will give your floor machine a longer service life. You don’t have to choose between power, versatility and economy. You get them all in a single machine with Tusk T17 Dual.

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