BOSS Turbo AirWave F1200 Axial Fan
Turbo Axial Fan

BOSS Turbo AirWave F1200 Axial Fan

Your Price: $265.00
This turbo fan air mover provides up to 2000 CFM with 1 HP, 7.1 amp motor. The AirWave Axial Turbo fan is a must to exhaust moisture-laden air due to floods and unexpected water damage. I can also be used to introduce drier outdoor air with great force. Perfect for air circulation/ventilation, carpet and floor drying and spot cooling.

  • High-density polyethylene housing - resists impacts, strong and durable for professional use.
  • Can be used as ventilators, circulators or simply as fans.
  • Large built-in cord wrap - quick, easy and safe storage of power cord.
  • 12" fan blades generate greater air flow for increased efficiency.
  • Can easily be stacked/interlocked during use, transportation and storage.
  • Capability to connect up to 125 feet (38 m) of straight 12" duct.
  • Single speed

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