Dri-Eaz DriForce® InterAir Drying System™
InterAir Drying System

Dri-Eaz DriForce® InterAir Drying System™

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Drying inside walls, behind cabinets and inside other complex assemblies used to be almost impossible. Often there would be no choice but to demolish these structures – at great expense to the customer and their insurance company. But the InterAir system allows you to direct high-pressure air into hard-to-reach structures and dry them quickly and with minimal disruption. The system requires only making quarter-inch holes behind baseboards or kickplates to gain access these interior spaces. Attach the InterAir system to deliver warm dry air to these spaces for fast, effective drying.


  • Force air in or vacuum air out
  • Dry up to 90 linear feet of wall
  • Produces up to 38 inches of static pressure!
  • Averages just 3 amps
  • Fits in two convenient carrying cases

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