Ebac EIPL SPP6A Military Rugged Dehumidifier
Military Rugged Dehumidifier

Ebac EIPL SPP6A Military Rugged Dehumidifier

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The EIPL SPP6A is a rugged, military specification dehumidifier which protects stored equipment from excess humidity.The unit may be deployed inside flexible sealed storage covers or well sealed rooms. The system complies with the British Military Defence specifications D/DG FVE/12/2 and V/PIP/31.The unit is currently deployed with several North Atlantic defence agencies and has gained technical approval among Asian countries and others after comprehensive testing.

Key Design Features

Copper refrigeration circuit throughout for long life, Integral refrigerant compressor cut-off device, Hermetically sealed internal components minimises maintenance requirements, Adjustable control humidistat to maintain the level of dryness, A convenient drain point for condensate collection of hose attachment, EIP’s unique “Hot Gas” defrosting feature, Sturdy military-type carrying handles, Totally enclosed coils in an epoxy-coated, heavy gauge steel case.

Remote Indicator Box

Power On Indicator, Dehumidifier Running, High Humidity Warning Lamp

Proven Performance

Once positioned inside the storage area, the required level of humidity can be selected by adjusting the humidity control knob to the appropriate setting. Operation is then automatic. The unit is supplied with a monitor box which is positioned on the outside of the dehumidified area. The monitor box incorporates indicator lamps which show: • Power on • Dehumidified running • High Humidity Warning Lamp The monitor box allows the operating status of the dehumidifier to be confirmed without needing to enter the dehumidified area.

The Problem

The function of a dehumidifier is to economically remove moisture directly from the air, whilst maintaining a controlled humidity level. Lack of proper humidity control exposes valuable equipment and supplies in storage to damage caused by corrosion, mould growth or general dampness. By maintaining the humidity level between 45 and 50% RH, these problems can be avoided.


  • On/Off Control Via Humdistat    
  • Carrying Handle    
  • Hot Gas Defrost    
  • Electronic Defrost Timer    
  • Adjustable Humdistat    
  • Refrigerant Type     (R134a)
  • Anti Vibration Rubber Feet    
  • Gravity Drain    
  • Free Standing Stand    
  • Remote Monitoring Box    
  • Stoved Epoxy Finish    
  • All Steel Construction

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