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Hardwood Floor Maintenance

Hardwood flooring is expensive, period. Unfortunately, it also happens to be delicate and cannot hold its own against rainy weather. Should you rip it up and install tiles instead? Maybe installing hardwood floors along the entire length of the hallway wasn’t a good idea. Of course not, a few simple tips will ensure that your hardwood floors last you and your family for a long time to come –

All is not Lost

Solid hardwood floors are hard to maintain but that doesn’t mean that they cannot be preserved at all. Your floor should be dry, that is a given. Water tends to warp wooden floors and can damage your flooring irreparably.

Of course, you will need to use a wet mop to carry out proper floor maintenance. Just make sure that you wring out the mop thoroughly before you apply it on the hardwood floor. Wet it in the bucket and wring it out immediately when it gets dry enough. Dry mops have a tendency to spread soil and grit over an area. Your flooring might experience discoloration if that happens.


Removing Stains

Always make sure to check out the finish of your floor before you attempt to remove any stains from it. If the stains in question have penetrated deep through the floor their finish probably consists of a soft oil finish. If the stain is only on the surface, the floor’s finish is of a hard finish. You won’t need a mop to get rid of a stain that is the size of a quarter. A soft clean cloth will do. Never make the mistake of using sandpaper, harsh chemicals or steel wool to clean delicate flooring no matter how tough some stains might appear to be. Corrosive materials or liquids can permanently damage hardwood flooring.

For Oil Based Stains

Oil based stains are difficult to remove. However, a few simple tricks will make them a passing memory. You can rub the affected area with a soft cloth and detergent. This will break down the grease. Rinse it with clear water and watch the magic happen. Repeat the process if it doesn’t work the first time. Once the stain is gone, you can use sandpaper to smooth out the raised grain. 


Specialized equipment for Floor Maintenance

If the oil stain does not disappear after two tries stop your ministrations immediately. Situations such as these call for special cleaning solutions or equipment that has been designed to tackle flooring such as hardwood floors.

Specialized janitorial equipment will also serve you well especially if your office space or home has a large area that is covered by hardwood wooden floors. Wooden floors that cover a sizeable area will take ages to clean with a simple mop and bucket.

A janitor will also cover more ground faster with an automatic rinse machine. It will also increase productivity and will pay for itself especially if you consider the additional labor that you would originally have to pay for with the simple mop.

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