Hotomatic® Gas Water Heater with Cart & Tank - 65,000 BTU
Propane Water Heater

Hotomatic® Gas Water Heater with Cart & Tank - 65,000 BTU

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Hotomatic Gas Water Heaters Produce Instantaneous Hot Water for Equipment Used in Carpet Cleaning, as well as all other Washing Equipment. All cart system already include the gas hose, gas pressure regulator, striker, and pressure regulator.

Models 2HT, 3HT, and 4HT Hotomatic Gas Water Heaters are designed specifically for heating water under pressure - perfect for carpet cleaning.

The high capacity thermostat is located in the top coil header. The cold water inlet is also connected in the top header above the thermostat's temperature sensing probe. The heater's main burner ignites immediately when water is turned on at the wand. When the water is turned off at the wand the thermostat reacts quickly and turns off when the water reaches the temperature set on its dial. This prompt thermostat action prevents the buildup of very hot water in the wand hose. Tests in our laboratory show a maximum output hot water temperature of 200 F when the thermostat was set on 180 F; and a maximum of 180 F when the thermostat was set on 160 F. This close control of the maximum water temperature is very important.

Extreme water temperatures in the hose reduces its bursting pressure rating. Bursting of a hose by 250 F water at 450 PSI pressure is very dangerous. Extreme water temperature at high pressure will burst into live steam when released through the wand to atmospheric pressure. Live steam will not clean as well as hot water 180 - 200 F. The live steam is also capable of harming the carpet and backing.

Contains the cart, heater, propane tank, hose, gas regulator, and 600 psi safety valve.

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