Nikro 860157 - OXINE® (AD) Air Duct Sanitizer
Air Duct Sanitizer

Nikro 860157 - OXINE® (AD) Air Duct Sanitizer

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OXINE® is among a handful of products that are allowed by the US EPA for the application in air ducts and ventilation systems. The approval, is for limited use*. The limitation in the application precludes disinfection claims. OXINE® is approved for use in air ducts as a static agent. Static agents are those that prevent microorganisms from replicating are the best alternative to a sanitizer. OXINE® is the most widely used static agent in HVAC along with its companion product EnviroCON.

*For a detailed account see the article "Exploring Sanitation of Porous Surfaces; Indoor Environment CONNECTIONS; October 2009"

12 - 3.25 oz. concentrate and 12 - 10 gram activator packs (1 - 3.25 oz. concentrate and 1 - 10 gram activator pack is mixed with one gallon of water). EPA Registered.

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