Prochem Power Solvent Spotter B167-4
Spot & Stain Remover

Prochem Power Solvent Spotter B167-4

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4 - 128 fl oz. Gallon /Case
Power Solvent is a specialty volatile dry spotter for carpet, upholstery, and other solvent-safe surfaces such as porcelain and ceramic tile. Quickly dissolves and removes tape adhesives, glue, oil-based paint, tar, grease, and other difficult solvent soluble spots. Power Solvent is fast acting, evaporates completely, and does not require rinsing. Contains no chlorinated solvents that can damage carpet and fabrics, and no ozone-depleting compounds.

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  • Premium Blend of Premium Fast Dissolving, Fast Evaporating Solvents
  • Leaves No Sticky Resoiling Residue
  • Can be Used on Most Synthetic and Natural Fibers

Dilution: Ready to Use, No Dilution Necessary

Available In:
Pints 8.695-055.0
Quarts 8.695-054.0
Gallons 8.695-660.0

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