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Why should you use LGR Dehumidifiers?

Storm season is here and with it rain that gets into the nooks and crevices of your walls into your Persian carpets. So what do you do? Do you hang them up to dry hoping that your family doesn’t mind the funky odor that permeates every inch of your home? That would hardly be the practical thing to do. And this is exactly why most homeowners and cleaning services use specialty drying equipment such as LGR dehumidifiers to make sure that any water damage is taken care of swiftly.

What are Specialty Drying Tools?

Specialty drying tools, as the name implies, are used to dry hard to reach places such as floorboards. The system uses a high velocity air flow to draw moisture right up from between the boards. Needless to say, drying tools like LGR dehumidifiers can come in real handy during the flood season.

Why LGR Dehumidifiers?

Of course, wet floorboards aren’t the only thing that homeowners and commercial businesses have to deal with when they experience flooding. The devastation leaves it fair share of water damage as well. People cannot account for the water vapors in the air.

LGR (Low Grain Refrigerant) refers to a type of equipment that is used to, you guessed it, dehumidify the air within a space. The basic principle on how the equipment works is simple yet affective. A fan draws in humid air from a wet area from where it is carried to a refrigerated evaporator.

LGR humidifiers are also considered to be one of the most cost efficient specialty drying equipment around since –

  • They provide the highest water removal per amp 
  • They cost no more than $3 to $5 to run in a day
  • They offer the fastest return on investment
Other reasons why these humidifiers are so popular include the following –
  • They can be set up pretty easily
  •  An LGR humidifier requires very low energy to run
  •  It can operate on any standard household power supply
  • It is portable which means that the equipment can easily be carried to the area that needs to be dried
  • It is used on 80% of all cases of water damage

In addition, since LGR humidifiers are designed to work within a very low humidity to humidity ratio it means that the equipment will be affective even if the humidity in an area is less than 40%. This is also what makes this particular piece of machinery a handy tool of choice for restoration services and experts.

Once water manages to get in the crevices or floorboards of a home it is imperative that it be taken of immediately. Water damage is nothing to scoff at. In fact, if it is extensive enough it can end up devaluing your home.

With its cost efficiency and reliability it is easy to see why a restoration service would use an LGR humidifier as its specialty drying equipment of choice.

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