Theochem Fast Track Pre-Spray & Track Lane Cleaner
Pre-Spray & Track Lane Cleaner

Theochem Fast Track Pre-Spray & Track Lane Cleaner

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4 - 128 fl. oz Gallon Bottles
Pre-spray and traffic lane cleaner concentrate with odor and soil encapsulators. Deep penetrating action for heavily soiled carpet. Unlocks heaviest oil and water-based soils from high traffic areas. Boosts extraction and bonnet methods for one-pass cleaning. Unlocks heavy oil and water based soils in traffic lanes and heavy wear areas before general cleaning. Loosens deeply-embedded soils to ensure maximum performance with minimum time and effort. Blend of cleaners, emulsifiers, and deodorizing agents. Designed for use with today’s stain resistant carpets.

Packaging Options: 4/1 GL Case

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