Villo VFG-1600S Wet/Dry HEPA Vacuum w/ Power Tool Outlet
Wet/Dry HEPA Vacuum

Villo VFG-1600S Wet/Dry HEPA Vacuum w/ Power Tool Outlet

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This product with outstanding appearance looks glorious. As a professional vacuum cleaner, this product has a wider range of application. Except the general application of vacuum cleaner, this product has a specific design for ultrafine dust to keep the suction of persistent and clean the dust thoroughly. Wall grinding, clean dry grinding system and other industries mainly to clean up the ultrafine particles, such as lime, mineral dust and wood dust, etc.. The normal vacuum cleaner can easily be blocked by those ultrafine particles. The high durability and stability of suction stability are required for those areas. JN501 as a professional vacuum cleaners, with a unique three filter systems, fully able to meet the needs of customers.


  • Wind blow system
  • Tank sub-assembly
  • Function
  • With socket (synchro function)
  • Special plate filter, big filtration area
  • Clean dust bag, re-use it
  • Liquid level monitoring function, self-stop with high liquid level
  • Speed control switch can be added;
  • The rounding and hidden air intake and outlet design, low noise
  • The rotated pushing handle set
  • Side storage design, convenient
  • Front and rear separated wheel, stable and durable

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