Villo VHT-15S Soldering Fume Extractor 3200 MNP (PA)
Soldering Fume Extractor

Villo VHT-15S Soldering Fume Extractor 3200 MNP (PA)

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1.1 Apply to single phase voltage working condition
1.2 Suitable for the fume and dust disposal in the soldering process of the circuit boards and electronic industry .
1.3 Suitable for the smoke purification during the process of the soldering, wave soldering, laser welding, sculpture, etc
1.4 VHT-C can apply to the electrostatic?precipitation for the small work-piece surface.

HEPA Filter

2.1 Installed with HEPA filter cartridge which is imported from TORAY, Japan. It can filtering 0.3 micron dust, and the filter rating is up to 99.99%
2.2 Convenient dust cleaning structure.

 360°Rotatable Suction Arm
 Electrostatic elimination

VHT-C series equipped with the Ion wind snakes ,which can remove the work-piece electrostatic dust effectively.

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