Villo VHX-15D Industrial Soldering Fume Extractor 3200 MNP (PA)
Soldering Fume Extractor

Villo VHX-15D Industrial Soldering Fume Extractor 3200 MNP (PA)

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Application fields:

Apply to smoke process management of circuit boards and electronic industry in the Tin welding process.
Suitable for smoke purification of Tin soldering, wave soldering, reflow oven, laser welding, engraving, marking, cutting, etc.


Integrated structure: with integral structure, simple installation, flexible mobility, good tightness, without laying pipes.
Variable wind volume: the product uses the PWM governor system, the air volume is variable, and it is practical, convenient and energy-saving
High filtering efficiency: the product adopts Primary filter and absolute high efficient filter and can filter the dust of 0.1µm. and it has a high level of filtration efficiency (0.3µm—0.5µm.), and filtration degree above 99.9%.
Flexible suction: the suction is flexible and it can rotate in 360°.

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