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    Moisture Meters

    Posted by Leroy Hall on 11/2/2016 to Moisture Meters
    Moisture Meters

    Moisture meters are needed to measure the water content of a certain substance. Some materials need to have their water content measured for the people to know if it is ready for use. These meters also determine if a material is unexpectedly wet or dry or is in need for further examination. Wood and concrete have their own respective meters.


    Posted by Leroy Hall on 11/2/2016 to Deodorization
    Deodorization is the process of minimizing the pungency of the natural odors that are present in edible oils. The process involves high-temperature steam distillation that sucks off the volatile material and other pigments that could possibly affect the product’s flavor.

    Dust HEPA Collectors

    Posted by Leroy Hall on 11/2/2016 to Dust HEPA Collectors
    Dust HEPA Collectors
    With all the carbon emitted into the atmosphere by vehicles, as well as the natural occurrence of dirt, dust is eventually accumulated on different areas of the home. This brings forth the importance of modern technology such as dust collectors.

    Restoration Equipment

    Posted by Leroy Hall on 11/2/2016 to Restoration Equipment
    Restoration Equipment
    Mother Nature just unleashed her fury upon your home and now your basement is flooded. What’s worse, most insurance does not include flood damage and yours isn’t any different.

    Carpet Cleaning Equipment

    Posted by Leroy Hall on 11/2/2016 to Carpet Cleaning Equipment
    Do you have a lot of carpets in your home? Do they get filthy often? If yes, then you need heavy duty carpet cleaning equipment to get rid of the dust, debris and anything else that persists in attaching itself to them.

    Floor Maintenance

    Posted by Leroy Hall on 11/2/2016 to Floor Maintenance
    Hardwood flooring is expensive, period. Unfortunately, it also happens to be delicate and cannot hold its own against rainy weather. Should you rip it up and install tiles instead? Maybe installing hardwood floors along the entire length of the hallway wasn’t a good idea.

    Specialty Drying

    Posted by Leroy Hall on 11/2/2016 to Specialty Drying
    Storm season is here and with it rain that gets into the nooks and crevices of your walls into your Persian carpets. So what do you do? Do you hang them up to dry hoping that your family doesn’t mind the funky odor that permeates every inch of your home? That would hardly be the practical thing to do.

    Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

    Posted by Leroy Hall on 11/2/2016 to Air Duct Cleaning Equipment
    If your air ducts look filthy from the outside it means that there is probably a world of filth in the inside. Dust particles are a precursor to allergies especially if you have children in the house.